Terms and Conditions

  1. Estimation of Fabrication: Quotes issued by Microform Precision are based on operations stated on quote. If operations beyond those listed are required, additional charges may apply. If a First Article is required, additional charges may apply. Any quantity change may result in price change.
  2. Shipping: Unless otherwise noted on Microform quote, shipping is quoted F.O.B. Sacramento, CA 95834.
  3. Scheduled Deliveries: Unless otherwise specified pricing is based on the production and delivery of the quantity shown in a single lot. Requested division of the quantity into multiple production runs and/or deliveries may result in a price change.
  4. Tolerances: Parts are to be manufactured to Microform Precision standard block tolerances unless otherwise specified at time of quoting. Please visit www.mform.com/tolerances for a list of standard block tolerances.
  5. Cosmetic Criteria: Quotes issued by Microform Precision should note a cosmetic class designated as either A, B, C or D. This designation is made based on the requirements made known to the Estimator and/or the Estimator’s best judgement at the time the quote is issued but should be confirmed by the Buyer before approving the quote and proceeding with an order. The definitions of these classes can be found at www.mform.com/cosmetic-criteria. It is the responsibility of the buyer to confirm that this cosmetic class is appropriate for their application. A higher cosmetic designation will, in the majority of cases, increase the price of the part.
  6. Payment: Unless approved for credit terms, payment must be received in order for an order to be started.
  7. Quote Expiration: Quotes are good for up to 30 days unless otherwise specified.
  8. Right to Refuse Service: Microform Precision reserves the right to refuse service.
  9. Lead Time: Lead time stated on quote does not start until order is received and any applicable payment requirements are fulfilled. If lead time is stated in days, the days are business days (Monday through Friday excluding holidays), not calendar days. If a first article is required, lead time quoted is lead time to produce first article, not production run.
  10. Changes to Order: Any change made after the issuance of a quote or after the placement of an order may change price and/or lead time and may require a revised purchase order.
  11. Warranty: Defective materials must be reported within 6 months of receipt. Any claims will be void if discrepancies are not reported within 6 months.
  12. Customer Provided Sample Parts: Customer provided sample parts will remain on site for a period of 6 months. After 6 months, Microform Precision reserves the right to reclaim customer provided sample parts.