Services CNC Cutting and Punching

To efficiently service a variety of needs, Microform Precision offers many different methods of cutting. With laser cutting, we can offer fast cutting times and high precision. We are also one of the few manufacturers in Northern California to offer fiber optic laser cutting at scale. Water jet cutting allows us to handle material types and thicknesses that aren't a best fit for laser cutting. With turret punching, we can offer a low cost approach for high volume runs. And with saw cutting, with can take on jobs using non-sheet materials such as tubing and rod. Below are more detailed descriptions of each method including the equipment we use and the tolerances we can hold.

Laser Cutting

  • Provides a fast, accurate and provides a high quality cut for appropriate materials.
  • Low set up time relative to other cutting methods allows competitive pricing even at lower quantities
  • Well suited for mild steel (including pre-plated steels like galvanized), stainless steel, aluminum and now with the addition of our fiber optic laser, brass and copper!
  • Very small features may not cut well. A good rule of thumb is that no feature should be smaller than the material is thick. The same rule would also apply to the distance between features or cut lines of any other kind.
Feature Location+/- 0.005"
Hole Diameter+/- 0.005"
MakeModelPowerMax Sheet SizeTechnologyApplications
BystronicBystar4000 watts60" x 120"CO2mild steel up to 1/2", stainless steel up to 1/2", aluminum up to 3/8"
BystronicByspeed4400 watts60" x 120"CO2mild steel up to 3/8", stainless steel up to 3/16", aluminum up to 1/8"
AmadaEnsis2000 watts60" x 120"fiber opticmild steel up to 3/4", stainless steel up to 3/8", aluminum up to 5/16"

Water Jet Cutting

  • Compliments laser cutting services by offering the ability to cut many materials that are either too thick for laser cutting or otherwise not conducive to the process
  • Cuts without the use of heat
  • Capable of cutting up to 4" thick steel
  • Materials will be at least partially submerged in water during the cutting process. Materials that would be damaged by exposure to water should not be water jet cut.
  • Etchings may be left around cut outs, particularly in soft materials such as aluminum, from the spray. In some applications, this may be cosmetically undesirable.
  • Thicker materials will often have some degree of taper to the cut. This taper can be reduced (although perhaps not eliminated) by running at lower speeds but the trade off is a longer run time and higher cost.
Feature Location+/- 0.005"
MakeModelPowerMax Sheet SizeApplications
FlowMach 2 4020b60,000 PSI72" x 156"Most materials up to 4" thick.

CNC Turret Punching

  • A cost effective option for high quantity jobs with relatively simple profiles
  • Allows stamped features such as louvers, card guides, lances and dimples.
  • Hard tooling requires a longer set up time than laser or water jet so smaller quantity runs may not be cost effective.
  • Cutting paths are somewhat limited by the tooling available. Complex shapes may need to be cut by a process called nibbling which may leave a segmented edge as opposed to a smooth line.
Please call or email for details.
MakeModelMax Sheet Size
AmadaVipros 358 King II48" x 70"

Saw Cutting

  • Useful for cutting metal in forms other than sheet such as tube, bar and rod.
Please call or email for details.
MakeModelPowerMax SizeType
DoAllC-230 DGSA9" diameter rounds and 11" x 6.5" rectanglessemi-automatic miter cutting saw