Block Tolerances

Microform Standard Manufacturing Block Tolerances

If tolerances are not otherwise specified prior to order, the following tolerances will be applied. If looser tolerances are permissible, please notify your account representative as it is likely to be to the benefit of price and/or lead time.

Laser Cutting

Feature Location+/- 0.005"
Hole Diameter+/- 0.005"

Water Jet Cutting

Feature Location+/- 0.005"


For Materials Up To 1/8" Thick

Angle+/- 1°
Bend to Bend+/- 0.015"
Bend to Feature+/- 0.01"
Flange Length+/- 0.007"

For Materials Up To 1/2" Thick

Angle+/- 1°
Bend to Bend+/- 0.03"
Bend to Feature+/- 0.015"


2 Place Dimension+/- 0.06"
3 Place Dimension+/- 0.03"